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Five important elements of an eCommerce site

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Five important elements of an eCommerce site

1. Search

Every eCommerce site needs search functionality. Period.

If you’re browsing sites with lots of products or data, like commonly

found on eCommerce Sites search is often the only way to find and

discover specific products in a fast and convenient way. It is important

that the search functionality on your site is comprehensive and

includes all products and pages.

2. Breadcrumb navigation

A breadcrumb navigation is a structural path navigation that provides

context to where you’re navigationw ithing the site you are in. This is

especially useful on eCommerce Sites and online shops which contain

lots of products of the same category or group, therefor making

breadcrumb navigations perfect piece to inspect different product

categories on your site.

Why should you use a breadcrumb navigation?

Adds clarity

Breadcrumb navigations display the user journey through a site - from

start to finish - and make it instantly obvious where you’re coming


Add structure

Helps to improve the overall structure of your site by adding categories and section.

They’re easy to use

Even novice computer users know how to use a path and therefor are

instantly familiar how to use a breadcrumb navigation. They require no

special knowledge or explanation.

Improves SEO

The navigation links different pages of different section togehter and provides backlinks.

Economic in space

A breadcrumb navigtion is usually pretty smal and doesn’t require a

lot of space. You can offer a good navigation to your users without

sacrificing more important areas of your website.

3. Tags

Tags are not only helpful for blogs but for any type of content on

your site. Tags, unlike a breadcrumb navigation, are a flat from of

navigation and organisation but offer similar benefits.

4. Filters

A good filer mechanism is a must have on any online shop or commerce

site. From personal experience I can tell you – nothing destroys the

pleasure of shopping your site faster than the lack of a good filtering

mechanism. A good filtering feautre offers at least the most basic

criterias. Let’s Say, we want to build a fashion online store.

You want to include at least the most basic criterias like:






Type of Garment

5. Favorites and Wishlist

While favortes and wishlists look like a boring feature, it is

actually helpful. Not every visitor coming to your site is ready for a

purchase just yet. Often times they’re just browsing or looking for

inspiration. For this scenario, make it easy to offer a functionality to

‘save’ products. A wishlisht or bookmarking feautre is important so

customers don lose their findings.

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