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Simple Strategies to Start Sending Email-Newsletters

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Simple Strategies to Start Sending Email-Newsletters

Starting a HTML-Newsletter is not always straight-forward. If you are

like me and found it difficult to start a newsletter you might find the

following strategies useful.

There are a few ways you can start sending a newsletter. Let us start with the free options:

Free Options


TinyLetter is a free service for

personal newsletters. It is made by Mailchimp and is a feautre limited

version of their main product. It let you focus on the important stuff

at the beginning: Writing and creating content. If your newsletter

grows, you can switch over to Mailchimp and and use the advanced

feautres Mailchimp offers.


Mailchimp also has a free-tier. The advanced feautres of Mailchimp give a lot more opportunies for design and managing your newsletter.

The simplest and fastest way to start sending a newsletter with

Mailchimp is to use the text-template they offer. Pick a typeface or

two, add your content and click send. Since you are on Mailchimp, you

can always evolve by creating more advanced email templates and also use

Mailchimp’s advanced feautres.

Commercial Options


An easy and fun way to start sending an email newsletter is to use Curated. With Curated you can create Email Digests. You can build an email publication with the ability to create issues.

By sending newsletter issues you can simply drag links of interesting

stories and articles to your emails and add your own remarks and



Do you have a blog? Then ConvertKit

might be right for you. ConvertKit focuses specifically on professional

Bloggers. Emails send with ConvertKit are basically just Text-Emails,

no fancy email templates like Mailchimp offers. ConvertKit also has

advanced feautres like Drip Emails and makes them really easy to use.

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